MOMs are multilingual in the sense they seem to understand the different strata of the Corporation speak different languages.

Sponsor Language Maverick Language
Change is risky, the unexpected in not acceptable Change is required to sustain advantage, Epiphanies are celebrated
Avoid conflict, everyone focused in same direction Conflict leads to new ideas and is healthy in identifying new innovations
Measure results: ROA, ROE, ROI Measure results: Experience and knowledge that can be applied to existing or new businesses
Quarterly results Market and customer driven timetables, up to 5+ years
Milestones Experiments
Mistakes cause inefficiencies and delays Mistakes are lessons to be applied to next experiment
Leverage existing infrastructure, (technology, IT systems, marketing, sales, customers, HR, manufacturing) Leverage existing plus explore and utilize new infrastructure as necessary, especially technology, markets and customers
Reward system based on quarter or annual performance reviews, salary, awards Reward based on freedom to experience and learn
Manage Nurture, mentor, champion
Sponsor Advocate (idea, people, charter)
Accountability Ownership
Allegiance Respect
Career, job Vocation
Budget capital Credibility capital
Process, policy Judgment, relationships, interpretation of “spirit of the law”
Clear, focused, predictable, commit, deliver Ambiguous
Formulaic Authentic
Work within defined business boundaries Expand business boundaries
Control gates Decision gates