300 companies in US based electronic manufacturing firms they found the criteria listed in the “Key FFE IP Decision Criteria”

Decision criteria Description
Impact on competitors The degree of impact on the nature of competitive intellectual property landscape as it plays with competitors
Quality of patent/ Broadness of claims The degree of potential for internal citations, strength of claims, broadness in scope, and geographic coverage
Idea novelty/ Originality The degree to which the idea is totally unique, ingenious, imaginative, or surprising
Idea quality/ Completeness The level of an idea that will solve the problem, lead to more innovative ideas, and has the impact on the business’s new product/service performance, regardless of whether or not the idea itself is novel or unusual
Alignment with company intellectual property strategy—offensive/defensive The links between intellectual property strategy and intellectual property rights as a complementary strategic tool
Technological viability The degree of technological readiness which can be implemented with no technological constraints
Product feasibility (overall) T he degree of probability with implementation and no violation of known constraints
Time-to-market/ Development cycle The time elapsed between making the decision to begin product/service development and introduction of the product/service into the marketplace
Resources required/Technical capabilities The degree of an organization’s ability to successfully implement technology
Alignment to strategic business units’ vision The links between strategic business units’ vision and intellectual property rights
Product fit to a current business model A necessity to develop a product/technology/service for fueling a firm’s business model; priorities that are consistent with the business model of the firm
Market acceptability The degree of acceptability of a new product/service in a particular market/customer based on a new idea
Target market understood The judgments about the identified target market/customer (the concept, benefits, and positioning) associated with a new idea
Lifespan of patent The value/benefit of patent protection derived from a new idea