The “Methods of Accelerating Innovation and Product Development” figure shows five means of acceleration and how four aspects of the development phases can be accelerated.

Acceleration Methods: Research and Development Manufacturing Marketing Intellectual Property
Simplify Generate explicit R&D goals and Link with other groups Reduce number of vendors and Simplify documentation Focus product requirements and Minimize user education requirements Evaluate overall IP landscape
Eliminate Delays Link R&D wall and Mfg. capabilities and Provide early product Reduce work-in-process at Maintain equipment Reduce marketing pan delays at Reduce launch delays Look for Freedom to Operate early
Eliminate Steps Utilize “lead user” ideas and Reduce number of parts Reduce assembly steps and Create more reliable products Minimize formal market testing Reduce marketing approvals Use patterns not lawyers
Speed-Up Use small groups to generate ideas and Initiate Computer Aided Design Install on-line product testing and Computer aided manufacturing Reduce test market time and Create customer alliances Do only work at current stage
Parallel Processing Institute mutually exclusive research and Parallel known applied sciences Provide collateral and/or Contingency facilities Concurrent marketing and Plan customer service early Integrate with R&D and Marketing