The Values Clarification Figure shows values more closely reflecting personal, versus work, choices.

ADVANCEMENT (promotion)
ADVENTURE (new and challenging experiences)
AFFECTION (love, caring)
COMPETITIVENESS (winning, taking risks)
COOPERATION (working well with others, teamwork)
CREATIVITY (being imaginative, innovative)
ECONOMIC SECURITY (steady, adequate income)
FAME (being famous, well known)
FAMILY HAPPINESS FREEDOM (independence, autonomy)
FRIENDSHIP (close relationships with others)
HEALTH (being physically and mentally well)
HELPFULNESS (assisting others, improving society)
INNER HARMONY (being at peace with oneself)
INTEGRITY (honesty, sincerity, standing up for beliefs)
INVOLVEMENT (participating with others, belonging)
LOYALTY (duty, respectfulness, obedience)
ORDER (tranquility, stability, conformity)
PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT (use of potential)
PLEASURE (fun, laughs, leisurely life-style)
POWER (control, authority, influence over others)
RECOGNITION (respect from others, status)
RELIGION (strong religious beliefs, closeness to God)
RESPONSIBILITY (accountable for results)
SELF-RESPECT (pride, sense of personal identity)
WEALTH (making money, getting rich)
WISDOM (understanding life, discovering knowledge)