“Comparative Aspects of Commitment Behaviors” fgure shows in more detail ten aspects that highlight different commitment behaviors

Contractor Employee Steward Partner
People vs. Business Orientation Self-orientation Employee before the company The company before the employee The company before the employee
Willingness to Sacrifice Sacrifices for self- development. Compensation is primary. Expects market pay. Sacrifices to meet job requirements. Compensation is important. Expects market pay. Sacrifices what is necessary to do the job. Compensation is important. Sacrifices everything for the business. Compensation is important.
Domain of Responsibility Responsibility taken according to compensation Responsible for performing job requirements Fully responsible for their domain of the business Feels responsible for everything about the business
Time Commitment Works by the clock Works by the clock with some flexibility Does what’s necessary regardless of the clock Not concerned about time spent. Does the “right thing”
I vs. We Orientation “I did this” (individual) “We did this” (employees) “We did this” (my organization) “We did this” (the company)