affecting an individual’s movement up the ladder over time is the mental capability of each individual

Title Time Span/ Longest Thought Typical Length of Tasks (gearing) Thought Processing Capability (see pgs. 51-64 in Exec. Ldrshp. book) Technical Skill Level
Associate 3 mos. 3 mos. Assertive processing: unsupported verbal assertions Receives detailed tech. direction; may give general tech—direction to non-professional personnel; seeks solutions to tech. problems; use defined methods to exercise some degree of tech. judgment
Sr. Associate 6 mos. 3-6 mos. Cumulative processing: arguments supported by accumulated data
Researcher 9 mos. 9 mos. Serial processing: arguments organized as a logical series of events Receives general tech. direction; has responsibility for the choice of decisions and interpretations w/in the assigned project; may give tech. direction to professional and non-professional personnel; plans and executes complex tech. projects; expected to recommend the initiation of new projects within existing programs
Sr. Researcher 12 mos. 12 mos Parallel processing of several lines of argument Concentration in a technical or specific specialty leading to recognition within the company, or the profession, on the basis of technical competence. Works with little or no technical guidance; may give tech. direction to professional and non-professional personnel; plans and executes technical programs within area of specialty; expected to initiate new projects within an existing program
Research Associate 18 mos. 16-20 mos. Conceptually formulated assertions
Sr. Research Associate 24 mos. 24 mos. Arguments supported by accumulated conceptual info. in which the concepts are actually related to each other Exhibits superior scientific proficiency and is a recognized expert in the field; performs advanced studies; Capable of independent work including initiation, planning & execution of broad program assignments with no professional guidance. May have tech. responsibility for those working with him/her in the field or area of specialization. Conducts independent research and investigations to define and develop the functional theory of a proposed product or process. Conceives and expands theories pertaining to new applications of existing products and/or processes along with the modification of products and/or processes in order to broaden the scope and application. Invents and designs complex products and processes and may assist in engineering these into production. Analyzes and evaluates the scope and objective of inventive ideas.
Research Fellow 36 mos. 60 mos. Serial processing: conceptual arguments organized as conceptualized alternative sequences, leading to alternative strategies All the preceding, plus, has demonstrated outstanding technical excellence and receives national or international recognition for their contributions. Covers a wide organizational span for contributions that affect R&D and corporate. Duties are primarily consulting, and independent research coupled with broad latitude for the selection of programs.