Education skills leadership ability for R&D roles jobs

Title Formal Education and/or Experience Typical Length of Tasks Project Skill Level Business Knowledge Leadership Ability
Associate Chemist B.S. + 0 yrs 3 mos. Learning project skills Limited exposure to business concepts Solid team member
Chemist B.S. + 0 yrs.; 3-6 mos. Short-term projects; very task oriented Learning business concepts Learning leadership skills
Research Chemist B.S. + 2 yrs. or equiv. grad. degree 9 mos Small sub-project; task oriented Understands business link to project work Motivates/reinforces collaboration & cooperation
Sr. Research Chemist B.S. + 5 yrs., or equiv. grad degrees 12 mos. Small scale project leader or training in project leadership Applies business into. researched by others Ensures responsibility & project plans are linked
Research Associate B.S. + 10 yrs., or equiv. grad. degrees 16-20 mos. Project leader for complex, long-term projects; technology developer Utilizes business concepts to plan projects Establishes plans & directs people/projects to achieve results
Sr. Research Associate B.S. + 15 yrs., or equiv. grad. degrees 24 mos. Platform work – developing a platform Knows which business info. to request and use Communicates tech. vision & collaborates across depts.
Research Fellow B.S. + 20 yrs., or equiv. grad. degrees 60 mos. Runs several platform projects; develops technology; integrates multiple platforms Develops business strategy to complement the technical platform(s) Develops technical vision and inspires others to support it