One of the best ways to answer the question of where project is in its innovation journey is to use the questions in the “Innovation Mapping Survey” figure

Innovation Stage Mapping Survey
Product Name:
Product Owner:
Business Unit:
Is this a new idea that has just been generated? YES NO
Is your product core, adjacent or transformational innovation?
Does the idea align with our innovation thesis? YES NO
Have you reviewed your idea and captured key assumptions? YES NO
Have you tested and validated customer needs? YES NO
What customer needs does your product solve?
What are the customer jobs to be done?
Have you tested and validated the solution with customers? YES NO
Does your solution meet their needs/solve their problems? YES NO
Do you have customers currently using the product? YES NO
What feedback are customers giving you about the product?
Do you have paying customers? YES NO
Have you figured out the channels you are going to use to reach customers? YES NO
Have you identified your growth engines? YES NO
What are your key growth metrics? Are they showing growth? YES NO
Has your product reached break even or profitability?
How well are you growing customer numbers, revenues and profits?
a. Customers %
b. Revenue %
c. Profits %
Would you consider your product a mature product in the market? YES NO
Have your growth rates slowed down significantly over the last four quarters? YES NO
Are you facing significant pressure from competitors or important changes in your business environment? YES NO
Have you redesigned your business model? YES NO
Have you identified risky assumptions in the renewed model that need testing? YES NO