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Project and Program Management Software Tracking Tools

As innovation funnels grow in size and/or complexity to achieve corporate growth ambitions, program management teams must become more efficient with their time and finite resources. Therefore, emerging systems & tools in the area of project and program management are important to utilize. In the Spring of 2018 the IRI did a survey [...]

Corporate Innovation Needs Map for ”Stage/Gate” Project’s Progress Tracking

Technology Project Portfolio Drivers The above techniques for tracking projects progress are quite useful for the project team. Its use however is focused on providing feedback to one specific team. However the tool also has a use when collected and viewed as a portfolio of progress. This is especially true when the Horizon [...]

Funnel Map Technique for ”Stage/Gate” Project’s Progress Tracking

Funnel Map Technique for Tracking Projects When looking at a portfolio of projects another useful project tracking tool is shown in the “Funnel Map Technique for Tracking Projects” figure. In this figure projects are placed on Post-It notes in hardcopy, or text boxes in softcopy, according to the Stage the project is in. [...]

Snakes and Ladders Approach to ”Stage/Gate” Project’s Progress Tracking

Another approach to tracking projects is to use a linear sequence of steps that takes into account however the barriers and enablers associated with Project surprises. First a game board is constructed as shown in the “Snakes and Ladders Approach to Tracking Service Projects” figure. This is especially useful for projects which are [...]

”Stage/Gate” Project’s Progress Tracking Example

Project Tracking Example – Manufacturing Tool Development The “Project Tracking Example – Manufacturing Tool Development” figure provides an example of what a real project looks like. It is being tracked monthly. Each point where the curve jogs is a monthly review point. This particular project started out with strong accomplishment of sales and [...]

”Stage/Gate” Project’s Progress Tracking

As projects move from ideas to commercial success they do so by passing specific technical, manufacturing, sales, and marketing milestones. Passing these milestones does not necessarily happen in an orderly and timely manner. Sometimes a week or month will pass with little or no progress and other times many hurdles are passed easily. [...]

”Stage/Gate” Project’s Gate Evaluation Form

Gate Evaluation Form When a project comes up for a Gate review the attendees should be the project team, the advisory group, and the personnel responsible for project governance. During the gate review the gate questions are reviewed and answered by project team members. These questions were outlined in Chapter12. As the review [...]

”Stage Gate” Project’s Gate Audit Check and Voting

Stage/Gate Process Steps The stage/ gate process as shown in the “Stage/Gate Process Steps” figure and described in chapter 12 contains project reviews that determine if and how a project continues to obtain funding and resources. Giving high-quality feedback during these review sessions is critical to make sure the project ends up with [...]

Using “R&D Game” Insights to Set Project Parameters

Eleven R&D Game Types In his seminal work on games of innovation Roger Miller found that value creation capture was not limited to the nature of the creative breakthroughs, but rather involved a range of activities by which products and services were developed and delivered to the marketplace. Best-practices were related to the [...]

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