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Attributes and Measurements of Assessing External Technology Programs

In a 2017 survey, the Innovation Research Interchange (formerly Industrial Research Institute) published a survey related to the use of external innovation sources. They found that most entities utilized standard R&D management practices and personnel in their projects. Contribution to Revenue They also found that the contribution from external innovation to the overall [...]

Example Supplier Partnership MOU, Goals Survey, Partner Roles for Leadership and Operations

BACKGROUND This section refers to close technical partnerships. Supplier partnerships for better pricing, or to secure supply, are addressed above in a previous section. The company should only select partners for technologies needed by its large market segments and where it needs a high degree of technical help. The partner selected would be [...]

Utilizing Effective Teams

Most people like to think of themselves as team players in public it is fashionable to say I’m all for teams. But when a person gets back to their organizations with 13 pressures, demands, politics, egos, and self-interest; teamwork is right out the window. Chris Argyris, an expert on group dynamics, describes this [...]

Evaluation Criteria for Technical Staff and Management Training Materials

HR training, assessment, and educational materials are increasingly available through educational institutions, professional societies, and corporations. The key for such programs is to make them available to all levels of the organization, just in time for whenever an individual wants or needs to obtain a skill, and in a variety of formats that [...]

Resources Guide for Training Technical Staff and Management

Resources Guide for Training Technical Staff and Management Goal: “Able to identify, develop, test, explore and elaborate opportunities aligned within areas of declared strategic intent”. Role Type: DeveloperCompetency Level: Applied Learning Objectives:* Able to identify opportunities aligned within areas of declared strategic intent1. Find next-generation opportunities2. Confirm alignment with declared business unit strategic [...]

Details of Critical Skills Needed in Technical Staff and Management

Ability Areas for Developers A group of R&D leaders working with Gina O’Connor found that there are generic ability areas needed for each of the role types that were defined in the above matrix. These ability areas were selected because of their importance to the organization as well as because many R&D personnel [...]

Critical Skills Development in Technical Staff and Management

To have a technical staff capable of meeting the business needs for creating a sustainable advantage position in ongoing investment must be made in enhancing the technical and business skills in the technical staff. This practice companies have found that a comprehensive program for assessing and addressing the skill needs across the organization [...]

MBTI-based Creativity Index Effects

MBTI-based Creativity Index Effects Results when using the MBTI instrument are shown in the “MBTI-based Creativity Index Effects” figure. This shows that project leaders and team members in the high creative half of the sample (as measured by the MBTI instrument) outperform those in the bottom half according to the following success metrics: [...]

Picking the Right Project Leaders and Team Members for Fuzzy Front End / Breakthrough Projects

Assessment Tests The instruments used to assess the personalities involved are shown in the “Assessment Tests” figure. The two instruments that have been found to be most useful are the Myers-Briggs type indicator (MBTI) and the Kirton Adapter Innovator instrument (KAI). The MBTI can be used to also calculate both an MBTI based [...]

Picking the Right Project Leaders and Team Members for Fuzzy Front End / Breakthrough Projects

Typical Industrial Project Success Curve The personalities of individuals involved in the early stages of new business development have been found to be as important as a process itself by Greg Stevens and James Burley. New business development leaders and team members with Myers-Briggs type indicator scores that had preferences for intuition and [...]

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