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Knowledge Management Best-Practices Options

Best practices in knowledge management have changed over the last two decades. Of the four views of knowledge management, the first, business strategy, has stayed the same. That is because knowledge management still begins with the business objective. To be competitive in the knowledge economy,companies focus on key high-level strategies: the serve the [...]

How Knowledge Management Builds Intellectual Capital

Forms of Intellectual Capital Intellectual Capital is a summation of several other forms of capital. These are human capital, relationship capital, intellectual assets, and time capital. Over time they all work with one another in the way shown in the “Forms of Intellectual Capital” figure. When thinking about knowledge management problems this view [...]

Implementing Knowledge Management Systems

Forms of Knowledge Implementing knowledge management systems into the day-to-day activities and processes into an R&D or corporate entity is difficult. First of all there are two types of knowledge in a variety of forms that must be utilized. Explicit knowledge is knowledge that is been articulated or codified in words or numbers. [...]

The Argument for Building a Strong R&D Organization Versed in Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital Formation

Basis for Three Eras The basis for fast high-quality innovation and commercial development is found in the organization’s knowledge management and building of intellectual capital. This can be viewed at a high level by looking at the three eras through which society has passed.  The first was the agricultural era where the possession [...]

Document Management Tools

For in-house document management tools that the R&D community can use to store, search and retrieve in-house technical know-how the Innovation Research Interchange ran a survey of its members in the spring of 2018. What they report is: Confluence from Atlassian Likes: Great. Easy to edit, search, and share. A good primary sharing/development [...]

Prior Knowledge Management Best-Practices Have Been Obsoleted by Search Engines

Because of the capability of search engines today, for example Google, and widely available background information posted on Internet websites, the best practices for knowledge management’s developed in the 1990s and early 2000s have been removed from this website because they are now obsolete. What is recommended today is that companys’ keep all [...]

Background on Knowledge Management

Pareto of Barriers to Knowledge Work In the late 1980s and early 1990s there were a large number of scientists retiring from the workforce in major corporations. The concern was that as they left their employer they would be taking their knowledge with them and it would be lost to the employer’s current [...]

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