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Project and Program Management Software Tracking Tools

As innovation funnels grow in size and/or complexity to achieve corporate growth ambitions, program management teams must become more efficient with their time and finite resources. Therefore, emerging systems & tools in the area of project and program management are important to utilize. In the Spring of 2018 the IRI did a survey [...]

Corporate Innovation Needs Map for ”Stage/Gate” Project’s Progress Tracking

Technology Project Portfolio Drivers The above techniques for tracking projects progress are quite useful for the project team. Its use however is focused on providing feedback to one specific team. However the tool also has a use when collected and viewed as a portfolio of progress. This is especially true when the Horizon [...]

Using “R&D Game” Insights to Set Project Parameters

Eleven R&D Game Types In his seminal work on games of innovation Roger Miller found that value creation capture was not limited to the nature of the creative breakthroughs, but rather involved a range of activities by which products and services were developed and delivered to the marketplace. Best-practices were related to the [...]

Role of the Project Leader

Part of successfully commercializing new business and technology development projects relies on solid project leadership. The role of a project leader is to commercialize the project objectives. This includes the ability to develop, establish, coordinate, and negotiate deliverables with customers and end-users. The project leader also needs to actively manage activities and resources [...]

Using Innovation Sprints to Improve Product Development

Most everyone knows about Agile sprints for software development, but they can also be applied to developing physical products. One of the most powerful approaches is an Innovation Sprint. Innovation Sprints are short (1-2 week) spurts of product ideation activity that combine the best practices of Design Thinking (customer centered innovation and prototyping) [...]

Utilizing Patents to Enhance Project Direction

As business and technology development projects are initiated, it’s important to get them started in a way that will improve their chances of generating commercial success. One way to do this is to utilize patents for their ability to supply background information in the technical and market areas. They are most helpful in [...]

Opportunity Screening Worksheet

Opportunity Screening Worksheet – Second Cut Opportunity Screening Worksheet – Third Cut The “Opportunity Screening Worksheet – Second Cut” figure shows the detailed questions and scoring. Also provided is the “Opportunity Screening Worksheet – Third Cut” figure. During the second and third cuts, promising ideas get more attention. As the idea gains strength, [...]

Preliminary Screen for Identifying High-Potential Projects

The next step in the process is to do a first cut or preliminary screen. The screen consists of six Numbered Questions each with a list of “for consideration” questions to guide thinking. Instead of actually answering the Numbered Questions in detail, the only thing the small groups doing the evaluation needs to [...]

Identifying High-Potential Projects

A process for identifying those new business development ideas with a higher than average probability of success, was developed at the Hoechst Celanese Corporation Office of Innovation. They reviewed more than 1000 ideas generated through their Idea Fund and Opportunity Bank in order to come up with a way to improve the survival [...]

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