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Future Pathways of Innovation

Work done at the Industrial Research Institute around 2012 found that three roads to innovation are likely to continue to evolve. They are: A Community of Minds. Many organizations will choose to directly connect their brains together in a community in which the network runs project management.Innovation Tribes. Another path is to intentionally form insular [...]

Interdisciplinary Insight Effects on Invention and Innovation

When designing creative environments it’s also important to think about the cross-functionality of the individuals involved. Franz Johansson, in his book “The Medici Effect”, Harvard Business School Press, Boston, 2006, pointed out the degree to which interdisciplinary insight can create truly unique inventions and innovations. His premise on creativity was that in order [...]


INDIVIDUAL'S BEHAVIORS Look to make changes that no one else hasForce yourself to be creative to get a heavy workload doneFind ways to improve LEADER'S BEHAVIORS Build self-esteemGive responsibilityChallenge others to make something happenGive visible, interesting opportunitiesImpose a deadline to meetAssign a special projectGive a broadening responsibility, something never done beforeStretch goalsBenchmarkEstablish best [...]


INDIVIDUAL'S BEHAVIORS Defer judgmentAgree on issues, methods, and ideasWhen listening to an idea, build on the idea, suggesting ways to improve, expandPut up the problem on a common wall and have everyone around put up suggestions on the paper, post-its, etc. Keep issue up for 3-4 daysSend folks to functional/non-functional outside seminars and [...]


INDIVIDUAL'S BEHAVIORS Identify resources who have done this before in similar circumstancesGenerates ideas to reapplyWalk and talk with others at workSet aside specific time for ideas during the week -- commit to itIntegrate it into other activities, like drivingTake 15 minutes to focus on a specific ideaEstablish a goal as "something to make [...]


INDIVIDUAL'S BEHAVIORS Empower yourself LEADER'S BEHAVIORS Allow others to work independentlyDelegate open-ended problems when appropriateEncourage stretchGo beyond everyday responsibilitiesLessen review of workLet them do the job and not check-upAllow "owner" to work details when given the goal, don't ask for play-by-playGive freedom to manage own businessEmpower othersAllow people to come out of the [...]


INDIVIDUAL'S BEHAVIOURS Keep a positive attitudeRemember we have just one life to live LEADER'S BEHAVIORS Expect a positive attitudeAppreciate ideasUse teamworkDiscourage conformity; encourage individualism.Clarify that PERFORMANCE IS PERFORMANCE (quality/quantity of the work accomplished should be the sole criteria for management)Have specified celebrations (anniversaries, birthdays, etc.), but also impromptuInstill a feeling of camaraderie in [...]


INDIVIDUAL'S BEHAVIORS Feel free to challenge one another's ideas because you have worked together for a while; the group feels comfortable with one another; they have trustAgree to disagreeListen to everyone's opinionsBe open-minded / allow people to recognize, evaluate and re-apply ideas and/or proven techniquesHave an agreement that everything said is confidentialTell everyone [...]


INDIVIDUAL'S BEHAVIORS Get the people who disagree together to talk it out with no consequencesSupport an environment of mutual respectWork as a teamOverlook the little thingsOpenly discuss conflicts with those involved, keep others informed. Keep communication openEstablish a direction and goalsDon't be a third party to a conflictListen, don't discount ideasBe honestDon't belittle [...]


Individual's Behaviours  Be responsible for setting your own goalsKnow people that you work with; spend time togetherIncorporate team building and bondingDo fun things outside work or during workBe honest and tactfulDiscourage whispering; it destroys trustBe honestAcknowledge the importance of work-group dynamicsCreate an atmosphere of openness to communicate new ideas and challengesRespect the need [...]

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