1. Open bedroom and living room shutters
  2. Turn on Bedroom cable modem located behind arm chair by front bedroom window (remove cloth cover and leave off when in use)
  3. Turn on living room entertainment equipment power strip (located in the cabinet under the TV) and remove TV cover
  4. Open kitchen window (use wood sticks on top of refrigerator to hold open) and either bedroom or living room door to air out condo
  5. Log into the internet network with all the devices you brought
  6. Fill with some water and put out Foot Wash Bin at front door (stored in tall kitchen cabinet)
  7. Read the GENERAL AND SPECIFIC INFORMATION section below on how appliances, etc. work at the Condo


  1. Leave no trace…
  2. All food out of the refrigerator. Only extra beer, wine, etc. i s appreciated
  3. Clean out Foot Wash Bin downstairs at shower and store in tall kitchen cabinet
  4. All floors vacuumed, mopped
  5. All surfaces damp dusted
  6. All kitchen appliances unplugged
  7. All three heater thermostats set to lowest position.
  8. In the bathroom, the shower diverter knob is fully down (sometimes sticks in up position)
  9. Heater circuit breakers set to off position.
  10. Bedroom cable modem turned off and cloth cover replaced
  11. Living room cabinet entertainment power strip off and TV cover put back on
  12. Ocean Side Bedroom and living room shutters closed.
  13. Ocean Side Bedroom and living sliding doors locked.
  14. Alley Side Bedroom vertical shades closed
  15. Alley Side Bedroom sliding door locked (three locks in alley facing door)
  16. Front kitchen window locked
  17. Front door locked and deadbolted

This apartment is one of 39 in two buildings that are part of a homeowner’s association.

There’s a copy of the association’s rules in the blue binder in the top left drawer of the kitchen peninsula. They are also on this website on the “Guest” Tab. We ask that you adhere to them (even if you don’t agree with them). A few of our neighbors are long-term residents and will appreciate your courtesy.


The single key on the ring you have will unlock both the doorknob and the deadbolt. In the drawer in the kitchen, (left-top drawer on the counter “peninsula” when you are facing the ocean) is another set of keys. The other large key (with large square body) on that ring opens the side-door to the garage, the garage gate, and is used to call the elevator. It will also open the control box for the outside shower next to the parking garage gate.


There is one spot in the garage directly across Strandway from our building. It is marked #16. You need t o open the garage by either using the large key (in the lock at the left) or the remote that is in the apt. We typically send someone up t o get the key/remote while we wait in the car…if you try t o park in front of the building you risk upsetting someone! There are NO visitor parking spots. You can park only in the spot #16. Parking in another spot is likely t o get your car towed, so please avoid this problem.
Important notes: The ceiling in the garage is low and cannot accommodate vehicles taller than 6’ 6”. If the power goes off, the gate has to be opened manually. There should be instructions posted for this (this occurred last Fall and the association said they’d post some, but don’t know if it’s happened.)


The beach community has many opportunists. To avoid losing your personal items, we recommend strongly that when you go out you:

  1. Lock the front door lock AND the deadbolt.
  2. Close and latch the kitchen window next to the door.
  3. Latch the three separate locks on the alley side bedroom sliding glass door in the bedroom facing the alley.
    It’s best not to use this door if you can avoid it; should you need to open it, the lock at the top is opened with a key found in the kitchen drawer. The lock at the bottom is opened by pulling up the peg and sliding it back towards you. Both are rather stiff, as is the standard latch. (Note: The bottom lock can also engage at a point that leaves the door open a few inches if you need some airflow.)
  4. When you make your final departure, be sure the sliding doors to the deck are also bolted.
  5. When we’re in the apartment at night we turn the doorknob lock on the door to prevent casual entry.


Some prefer not t o hassle with our linens, and bring their own.
There is a queen-sized bed in the ocean-facing bedroom; a double bed and a t twin trundle (slides out) in the alley-facing bedroom. There are several sets of sheets; the set on the bed should always be clean. There may be a dirty set in the laundry basket, depending on how hurried the departure of the previous users was. (If you find this is the case, please try to make time to do a load of wash before you leave.)
There are several sets of towels. Any towels left in the bathroom and kitchen should be clean. We store the extra linen in the closet of the alley-facing bedroom and in the chest in the ocean bedroom closet.
We ask that you strip the beds when you leave and remove any used towels from the bathroom.
Please wash the sheets and towels (and the loofahs in the bath, if you used them) if you have time; otherwise leave them in the laundry basket for the next person to clean.
There are washing machines and dryers (2 each) in the garage. They run on quarters, $1.25 per load for washing, $.1.00 f or drying. There is detergent in the alley-facing bedroom (usually under sink) and a laundry basket. They now have electronic payments but we haven’t used them yet. There i s also a Laundromat on Mission Blvd. at San Jose, just a block and a half away. It is supervised most of the time, and usually has most of the machines up and running and i s clean…and has a change machine. Saturdays the machines are often very busy as most rentals in the building change on that day.


The condo has radiant heat in the ceiling (stupid design!) controlled by the thermostat in the living room. Usually, the only time heat i s needed i s midwinter if the downstairs unit is unoccupied. The circuit breakers going to the heaters are turned off. To turn them on, go to the alley-view bedroom. The breaker box is in the closet on the right-hand side, breakers are labeled. When you leave, please turn it off again at the breakers and set the thermostat to as low as it will go.

No A/C. Usually not a problem, but when it gets warm, humid and still, opening doors and windows is not enough. There’s a fan in the back bedroom that you can place to blow air over the area you are in. Also, roll down the ocean-facing shades in the afternoon when the sun is coming straight in.


The sockets corrode quickly in the salt air. If you’re having trouble with one, please don’t use it. Pick another. And please let us know which one is problematic. Also let us know i f any of the lights don’t work. Again it is usually a corroded switch that we have to replace.


There i s cable modem / router / wifi unit by the arm-chair in the ocean facing bedroom. This needs to be turned on t o use the cable TV and internet. The power button is on the back top of the unit. It is a push on / push off button. Please also remember to turn it back OFF when you leave. The internet network is MOTO3E8E with password 2wcr5689hm. Spectrum Customer Support is 833-697-7328. Note: In case our network isn’t working, we have an informal agreement for access to a wireless network in one of the other apartments. The network is Ocean Front 858…. The password is: 6479981358. Sometimes it’s erratic. No guarantees!!


The ocean. Watch for the dolphins as they migrate up and down the coast daily! Pelicans swooping, terns diving, etc. And then there’s humanity on the boardwalk…
A flat screen TV in the living room uses the Vizio TV controller to power the TV and “input” button to select source. TV antenna uses digital antenna to accesses several broadcast channels. Select “TV” input t o use this antenna. When finished, return input t o “Roku” HDMI side input. Use Roku remote controller to access cable TV channels. Can use “on” button on Roku remote to power TV. Roku stick requires TV to be using the HDMI side input. This is the default input please. When Roku comes up, use “home” button, then select “Spectrum” (note that it takes a while to boot up app), and then use “Guide” or “Live TV” Channels to get to the program you want. Usually the first time you try this it f ails. DO NOT TRY AND ENTER ACCOUNT DETAILS. Instead return by the back arrow (at the top of the remote) to the home screen and select SPECTRUM again. Usually after a minute it loads up just fine and starts the live TV or Guide. Volume i s on the side of the controller. Note that to turn off Spectrum Cable TV in a way that doesn’t lock up the app next time, when you are done watching TV please use the “back arrow” at the top of the controller twice (once to get to the “live TV” screen, and a second time to get to the “exit app” screen. Select “exit app” to get out of Spectrum. After a while the TV will display the Roku home screen. Use the Roku controller to then turn off the TV. (Spectrum details: Account Name: PAUL GERMERAAD, Account Number:
8448410360918548, Service Address: 3755 OCEAN FRONT WALK UNIT 16, SAN DIEGO, CA, 92109-7125, User Name: Pswd: Testheraspesi$8 Customer Code: 2459 If you want to add a channel to the Roku, you’ll need the Roku Pin # = 3455 Use Amazon Fire Stick controller to access Amazon entertainment. Amazon Fire Stick requires TV t o be using the HDMI2 input. Use the Amazon remote to navigate the screen. From Home, go to “Settings”, then Applications, then t o “manage applications.” Select Netflix. Netflix LogIn Screen comes up, login with username and password. Netflix home screen comes up. Pick the programming that you want to watch. When finished, return input to “Roku” HDMI side input.
All equipment is powered by a power strip in the cabinet under the TV. Turn on the switch for the power strip. Please remember to turn i t back OFF when you leave.
And i f you have trouble with all this, Susan says “read a book.”


We have abandoned the land l ine. Everyone seems t o have their cells, so it didn’t seem to get used.


The shower fixture turns on ONLY BY TURNING COUNTERCLOCKWISE. It doesn’t pull out! (no volume control) The knob that directs water between the tub and the shower has been a problem. It works by pulling up for the shower and down for the tub. Please do not force it. If it appears stuck, you can try sticking your finger up the spout and wiggle the plastic parts inside while you’re wiggling the knob upward. If that doesn’t work, take a bath or call? Make sure when you leave that this shower diverter knob is fully down (it sticks in the up position sometimes).


The plumbing blocks up with sand, so please try t o get as much off as you can before coming inside. We often put a white wash tub (located in the tall kitchen cabinet) out on the breezeway near the front door for a rinse before we come in. There’s also a shower near the entrance to the garage…you open the box with the big key on the ring that stays with the condo and then you get your choice of chest or foot sprays…good for a first rinse for you and boogie boards.


You are welcome to use anything that we’ve left in the apartment (there’s not much these days!). If you use up an important staple (toilet paper, soap, etc.), please replace and leave a little extra if you can (or at least, let us know so we can warn the next users).

Coffee: There is a one-cup Keurig. So bring the type of coffee you want to drink. (There are a few types of tea, as well, located with coffee packets in the cabinet above the coffee machine.)

Refrigerator : Please remove ALL perishable foodstuffs before you leave. We have problems with left food so really ALL foodstuffs should be removed. Please feel free to use some of the less perishable things if you think they still look good.

Groceries: There is a small market a half block away on Mission (Sam’s) that has staples (at a premium, of course) and a liquor store across the street that has some things. There is a good-sized Ralph’s about 10 blocks away, north on Mission Boulevard. (Von’s and Trader Joe’s on Garnet at


Please empty the garbage when you leave. The dumpster is near the door of unit #3, in front of the elevator. There are garbage sacks in the upper cabinet closest to the bin. Recycling is in the blue bins of the lower garage (accessed using the key via the alleyway). Not terribly convenient…


We have struggled with how to make this window safe to have open. We installed the metal fish artwork to act as a barrier to people just putting their hands through and opening the door. The way we keep the window open is by using the pieces of wood on top of the refrigerator to prop the window open, placing one between the handle and the top of the artwork frame. Yep, i t’s clumsy and inelegant, but it works.


The rollup shutters are operated manually with the wands hanging near them. We bring them up when we get there and down just as we leave. They allow us to leave deck furniture on the deck and keep the pigeons and seagulls off. They also provide protection from storms and intense sun (which bleaches the bejesus out of the place). When you put each shutter down before you leave, roll it all the way down to the lock/stopped
position (this is several turns after all the light leaks in the slats disappear), then back it off an eighth of a turn.


Should you experience any difficulty with the apartment feel free to give us a call at (408) 314-5896 or (408) 868-0475. If you don’t get us please leave messages on both. Please use common sense and try to find someone in the area to fix anything that needs immediate repair. There is a blue binder in the book case (not sure about its current whereabouts) where we’ve accumulated menus and various sightseeing information. Also there is information on urgent care facilities in the area. (It hasn’t been updated in years – another project for the “to do” list!)
Parking Enforcement: If Strandway is blocked call this number 619-531-2000. More and more issues with people parking in the red zones, double parking, etc.