• Empower yourself


  • Allow others to work independently
  • Delegate open-ended problems when appropriate
  • Encourage stretch
  • Go beyond everyday responsibilities
  • Lessen review of work
  • Let them do the job and not check-up
  • Allow “owner” to work details when given the goal, don’t ask for play-by-play
  • Give freedom to manage own business
  • Empower others
  • Allow people to come out of the box
  • Encourage individuality in expression
  • Allow people to make own decisions
  • Ask the employee about what the challenge is and what to do vs. answering to go execute
  • Define the result, not the path
  • Give broad outlines and outcomes, let individual or team define the process
  • Incorporate more TQ principles in work environment
  • Drive out fear
  • Focus on the outcome, not the method
  • Eliminate micro-management
  • Determine points for review, then allow the freedom to perform as desired
  • Create a comfortable atmosphere (relaxed dress codes and office decorations)


  • Tolerate open-ended problems
  • Give freedom to manage own business
  • Have your daily responsibilities handled by someone else
  • incorporate more TQ principles in work environment