• Look to make changes that no one else has
  • Force yourself to be creative to get a heavy workload done
  • Find ways to improve


  • Build self-esteem
  • Give responsibility
  • Challenge others to make something happen
  • Give visible, interesting opportunities
  • Impose a deadline to meet
  • Assign a special project
  • Give a broadening responsibility, something never done before
  • Stretch goals
  • Benchmark
  • Establish best in class objectives
  • Make performance targets known to all
  • Encourage competitive goals ( the most, the biggest, the weirdest)
  • Set aside time for implementation and management buy-in
  • Don’t offer the solution–offer the opportunity
  • Say “Yes, you can!”
  • Graphically depict goals in a public area — mark progress


  • Permit individual schedule and flex time
  • Use review time for the positive feedback and constructive criticism